4 Things That Should Be Discussed In Your Estate Plan

18 December 2014
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Everyone should have an estate plan. It is a vital part of your personal preparedness plan. If there is an emergency you need to have a valid contract that stats what to do about your estate. This includes far more than just money. Here are 4 things that your estate plan will discuss: 1. Money When most people think of an estate plan they think of money. It is true that this is a vital part of the plan. Read More 

Why Your Unemployment Claim May Be Denied

16 December 2014
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If you have been denied unemployment, you may think that this is the end of the road. However, you do have the right to appeal the decision made by the unemployment administration. However, being successful at your appeal is only dependent on why your claim was denied to begin with. There are strict rules regarding how you can even collect unemployment, so it's important for you to understand those rules before you even file for unemployment compensation. Read More 

What Happens If Law Enforcement Doesn’t Read Your Miranda Rights To You?

15 December 2014
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If law enforcement places you under arrest for a suspected crime without reading your Miranda rights to you, you may wonder if you can get your charges thrown out in court. The Miranda recites the Fifth and Sixth amendment rights you have as an United States citizen, regardless of the crime you may have committed. Federal law requires that every arresting officer recites those rights before he or she takes you to jail. Read More