Can You Take A Vacation Before Filing Bankruptcy? Should You?

8 November 2022
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Without a doubt, struggling financially to the point of considering bankruptcy is stressful. You may need a break. But can you take a vacation if you plan to file for bankruptcy in the near future? Should you? And how can you avoid common problems? Here's what every debtor needs to know. When to Consider a Vacation In general, there are two main types of vacation that are less likely to cause problems with the bankruptcy court. Read More 

Reasons To Use Professional Tax Relief Services When In Debt To The IRS

10 October 2022
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Not everyone is able to pay their taxes on time. If it has gotten to the point where you're in a lot of tax debt, be sure to use professional tax relief services. They'll help in several fundamental ways. Save You From Dealing With the IRS Alone Regardless of how much you owe the IRS, you don't want to reach out to them alone because that can leave you at a disadvantage. Read More 

Uncommon Accident Damages

15 September 2022
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After a car accident, you may be eligible for certain types of compensation. Commonly, if the other driver is at fault, you might be paid for your medical expenses, lost wages, wrecked vehicle, and pain and suffering. However, that may be only the beginning of what you can be reimbursed for in some cases. Read on to find out more. Some Uncommon Forms of Damage The other driver's insurer should compensate you for the ways the accident negatively affected you. Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Trust Attorney

16 August 2022
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Trusts have existed for centuries to reduce estate taxes, manage personal assets, and control property ownership. But creating a trust isn't as simple as writing it down and signing it. Several layers of complexity are involved in establishing a trust that must first be understood before implementation. While trusts are fairly common, hiring an attorney to help you create one is not something you want to skimp on. Here is why. Read More 

Your Arresting Officer Might Not Have Followed The Guidelines When Administering The Test

19 July 2022
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When a police officer is using a breathalyzer, they are expected to follow specific guidelines. Otherwise, it's possible for the breathalyzer test to give a false positive and this might be used as a way to charge you with an OVI when you were not actually intoxicated. If you're surprised that the breathalyzer test has created a false positive, it's important to get on the phone with an OVI defense attorney. Read More