4 Work Visa Mistakes Than Can Lead To A Denial

7 March 2019
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If you are not a citizen of the United States and you desire to work within the country, you must obtain a work visa. There is no way around it. Even more importantly, the government is very specific when it comes to what is required and very strict about close adherence to these guidelines. If you make a mistake during the application process, even a small one, your request for a visa could be denied. Read More 

Heading To The Slopes? 4 Things To Do If You’re Injured By Another Skier

30 January 2019
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When you go skiing, you know that there's a possibility that you'll suffer some type of injuries. However, you don't anticipate being struck by another skier. Unfortunately, that does happen from time to time. If you're going to be skiing this winter, you need to be prepared for the aftermath of a skier-involved accident. Here are four things you need to do if you're injured by another skier while on the slopes. Read More 

Wrongfully Blamed For A Collision? What To Know

22 December 2018
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Did a vehicle unexpectedly switch to your lane and start traveling at a low speed? Did the incident lead to you collide with the vehicle due to the inability to slow down in time? If you were blamed for the collision but don't feel as though it is your fault, you might be correct even if the accident report isn't in your favor. You should not have to accept the blame simply because you rear-ended another vehicle, as there are numerous things that could have played a role in the situation. Read More 

4 Reasons Why You Need A Court Reporter For An Employee Dispute Hearing

9 November 2018
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When an employee complaint is backed by a serious allegation, you must take the matter seriously. After all, employees have the right to work in environments in which they are treated fairly and feel safe. A dispute hearing is an excellent way to ensure their concerns are heard in a safe and neutral environment. However, there are certain precautions you should make to protect your interests, such as hiring a court reporter to transcribe the meeting. Read More 

The Legal Aspects Of Running A Small Business

3 October 2018
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Although the ability to go to work each day and make a decent income is a great privilege to have in life, it can become frustrating. For instance, having to answer to a supervisor and follow his or her orders can make someone feel unimportant. If you are ready to expand your career and move up to a higher position, consider starting a small business. After determining the type of business you want to start, hire an attorney to assist with getting the legal aspects of the venture. Read More