Three Tips For DUI Cases

23 December 2015
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Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things that you can do from both a safety and legal perspective. However, if you believe you have been erroneously arrested or if you just want a second chance, there are some important legal tips that you will want to exercise and bear in mind. In order to protect yourself from these potential ramifications, use some of the DUI tips below. Read More 

Accidental Death, Justifiable Homicide, And Mitigating Circumstances As Murder Or Manslaughter Defenses

9 December 2015
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If you killed someone accidently or for good reason, you could face murder or manslaughter charges. To defend yourself successfully, you will want to hire a criminal defense lawyer promptly.  You will want to prove that your intent was not malicious and that there were mitigating circumstances for your actions. Anticipating the Possibility of Being Unfairly Charged or Over-charged  in a Homicide A homicide refers to the death of a human resulting from the actions of another human, but it doesn't necessarily mean a crime was involved and could be considered a justifiable act. Read More 

Did A Hostile Work Environment Force You Into Retirement? What Are Your Options?

20 November 2015
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Many Americans dream of the day they retire, anticipating the celebration of a last hurrah with coworkers and cake before beginning a new chapter of leisure and time spent with family. Sadly, in some cases retirement comes on much more suddenly, and you may find yourself unable to return to full-time work after being sent over the edge of sanity by an emotionally or physically abusive boss or another type of hostile work environment. Read More 

Can You Legally Ban Selfies, Cell Phone Cameras, And Other Photographs From Your Place Of Business?

3 November 2015
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Cell phone cameras, selfie sticks, and the general trend that has some people taking "selfies" everywhere they go to document their lives can actually be a threat to your business, for a variety of reasons. Should you consider banning selfies inside your place of business? Can you actually enforce a ban, legally? This is what you should consider. 1.) The privacy of all your other customers and your employees is at risk. Read More 

Understanding The Three Different Forms Of Comparative Negligence

15 October 2015
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Comparative negligence is a legal doctrine courts use to compare the negligence of parties involved in an accident. This doctrine is necessary because, in most cases, more than one party is at fault when an accident occurs. Here are the three forms of comparative negligence: Pure Comparative Negligence This is the classical form of comparative negligence. In this approach, the court sums up your damages and calculates your contribution to the accident. Read More