How A Lawyer Can Help You When You’re Struggling To Live On Workers Comp

5 January 2017
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If you have been injured while at work, you might currently be receiving workers comp payments to help you cover your bills and otherwise take care of yourself until you are able to go back to work. Even though having workers comp payments is better than nothing when you are unable to work, however, it might not be enough for you to live off of. If this is the case, working with a lawyer can help helpful. Read More 

An Overview Of The Crime Of Reproductive Coercion

20 December 2016
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Although domestic violence is often discussed in relation to family law, it is a distinct crime in many jurisdictions. This means that all the forms of domestic violence or abuse, including reproductive coercion, can attract criminal charges. The following questions and answers will shed more light on this crime: What Is Reproductive Coercion? Reproductive coercion is the use of violence or threats to control a partner's reproductive health. Most of those who engage in reproductive coercion do so to pressure their partners into becoming pregnant, avoiding pregnancy or terminating their pregnancy. Read More 

What Is The Internet Of Things And Why Is It A Threat To Your Company’s Security?

30 November 2016
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You've probably heard the term "the Internet of Things" (IoT) but do you know what it means for you and your company's security? As the IoT gets larger and more sophisticated, every day that you don't fully understand the growing implications for your company's cyber security, the more vulnerable your company becomes. This is what you should know, just to get started. What Is the Internet of Things? The basic concept is that almost everything from the copier to the company toaster—anything that has an on and off switch—has the potential of connecting to the internet and each other remotely. Read More 

A Guide For What Steps To Take If You Are Injuried At A Friend’s Or Family Member’s House This Holiday Season

9 November 2016
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During the holiday season, getting together with friends and family is quite common. Going to someone's house to enjoy their company doesn't always result in an injury, but when it does, it is important to know what to do. The following guide walks you through the process to follow if you are injured at a friend's or relative's house. Seek Medical Attention Right Away If a deck collapses, dog bites you, or any other injury takes place, you need to seek medical attention right away. Read More 

Received A Notice That Your Ex Wants More Support? Three Ways To Fight The Increase

20 October 2016
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Most people think that their issues with their spouse are over once the divorce is final—but if you have children together, you and your ex-spouse aren't likely to be done dealing with all of the legal issues involved until the kids are at least 18 (or maybe older). One of the issues that can bring you back to court is a request for more child support—especially if you don't think it's a reasonable or fair request. Read More