When An Amicable Divorce Goes Bad: 3 Reasons You Might Need An Attorney To Step In

27 May 2016
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If you and your spouse have decided on an amicable divorce, you might think you won't need to talk to an attorney. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. Problems can arise even in the most friendly of divorces. When that happens, you're going to need a good lawyer on your side. Your attorney will be able to help you iron out the problems and may be able to get you and your spouse back on civil terms. Read More 

Insult To Injury: Three Injury Situations That Call For An Attorney

16 May 2016
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In many cases, injuries caused by someone else's negligence are processed through the at-fault party's insurance and resolved in a short time. In some cases, however, the issues are more complex and require the expertise of a personal injury attorney. These complicated or difficult-to-prove injuries present more of a challenge and often involve compensation that goes beyond having a car repaired and having your medical expenses paid. Read on to learn about 3 of these more difficult types of injuries that may have you making an appointment with a personal injury attorney. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About Financial Compensation In Michigan Worker’s Compensation Cases

11 May 2016
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If you recently filed for workers' compensation in the state of Michigan, you need to know how you are going to be compensated should your case be accepted. This will help you make smart long-term financial plans.  How Long To I Have To Be Out Of Work To Qualify For Benefits? In order to qualify for workers' compensation benefits, you do not have to be permanently disabled. You can be temporarily disabled. Read More 

What To Know About Compensation From A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

22 April 2016
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If you have been sexually harassed at the workplace, you are likely eligible for compensation since sexual harassment is illegal. However, many of those who are sexually harassed at work don't believe that a lawsuit is worth it because the compensation will be little to nothing. This is not the case though. Here's what you should know about compensation from a sexual harassment lawsuit, which is going to help you better understand the importance of filing a lawsuit: Read More 

3 Things You Can Do To Better Prepare Yourself For A Divorce

1 April 2016
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If you are considering a divorce, it is important that you are prepared as possible for the process. Even if the divorce is the best thing for both of you, it is going to be taxing and potentially stressful. This is why you should be sure that you are taking extra steps to ensure that you are fully prepared for the divorce. 1. Open Your Own Line Of Credit and A Bank Account Read More