Tips For Meeting With A Bankruptcy Attorney

24 June 2021
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When you feel like debt is getting the best of you, sometimes the best solution is to declare bankruptcy and start over. Generally, this is done under the guidance of a bankruptcy attorney, which means that meeting with such an attorney should be your first step. Here are some tips to ensure that the meeting is productive and informative. Bring your financial information. Knowing that you have about $50,000 in debt or about $300 to your name is not quite enough. Read More 

When Can You Sue a Grocery Store for Getting Hurt?

20 May 2021
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If you've been injured as a result of your trip to a grocery store, you have the right to recover just like you would for any other injury. But when exactly would the grocery store be liable and what are the types of injuries you might have? Here are some common claims against grocery stores. Parking Lot Crash Injuries As a general rule, only the drivers are responsible for injuries as a result of car accidents in the parking lot. Read More 

Reasonable Suspicion and Probable Cause In DUI Cases

20 April 2021
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Police officers have justification for a traffic stop or arrest. In DUI cases, the law requires law enforcement agents to prove reasonable suspicion for stopping a person in traffic and probable cause for arresting them for a DUI charge. Your DUI attorney can challenge your DUI charge based on the standards of reasonable suspicion and probable cause by filing a motion to suppress evidence. Here is a look at what reasonable suspicion and probable cause entail. Read More 

Making Changes To Child Custody And Visitation When A Parent Relocates

22 March 2021
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A child custody lawyer sometimes helps a divorced couple modify their parenting agreement when one person plans to relocate. Both individuals need separate legal representation to prevent conflicts of interest, even if they have already written a draft. Documenting the arrangement with the family court is crucial to protect both parents. Nobody can change this agreement without filing a petition for modification.  Dealing With Changes A new agreement must be written before relocation when the parents share physical custody. Read More 

How A Company’s Pursuit Of Profit Can Cause A Car Accident

18 February 2021
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If you are involved in a car accident and you believe that your car was defective, this might be because the car company was trying to save money. This is commonly an issue because many car companies choose to use substandard parts that are less expensive but also less safe. For example, the company might use a less expensive ignition switch. If your accident was the result of your car being defective and you collided with another motorist who blames you for the accident, get in contact with an auto accident lawyer so you can begin to build a sufficient case. Read More