Three Tips For DUI Cases

23 December 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things that you can do from both a safety and legal perspective. However, if you believe you have been erroneously arrested or if you just want a second chance, there are some important legal tips that you will want to exercise and bear in mind. In order to protect yourself from these potential ramifications, use some of the DUI tips below. 

Tip 1: Take Your Time Finding The Best DUI Lawyer

The best chance that you have for fairness, acquittal or a plea bargain is the hire of a high quality, professional DUI attorney. You should always hire a lawyer that specifically handles DUI cases, since they'll be more equipped to handle your case than a general criminal attorney. When hiring one of these attorneys, be sure to get a breakdown of any and all fees in writing, so that you don't get caught off guard with expensive charges. Be sure to sit down for three to five consultations with lawyers, so that you feel comfortable about their defense strategy and their overall capability to help you with your case. 

Tip 2: Assert Your Rights During The Arrest

Many people throw away their rights unknowingly once they believe they have been "caught". One major right that people fail to take advantage of is their right to request an independent blood test, as opposed to the standard field sobriety test. Having a good lawyer in your corner should be helpful to you in this regard, as you can ask for a release from behind bars so that you can have an independent party provide you with a blood test. This way, you are asserting your rights and building a more solid case. 

Tip 3: Know Some DUI Offenses To Use

Sometimes your success or failure with a DUI case boils down to the defense strategy that you and your lawyer go with. Since you are innocent until proven guilty, there are a lot of strategies that you might want to look into. For one, you can assert and show proof that the police precinct had faulty equipment or that they are not up to date on the registration and inspection of their breathalyzer machine. You may also receive an acquittal if the police officer performed an illegal stop without probable cause. Further, some medicines and other health conditions unrelated to ingesting alcohol can cause you to fail a breathalyzer.

Consider these tips or visit in order to learn how to yourself when facing a DUI.