Four Things You Should Know About Personal Injury

26 August 2019
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A personal injury attorney represents an opportunity for every person to get just compensation for the injuries that they have received. Whether you are rich or poor, these lawyers are dedicated to representing your interests against insurance companies, businesses, and institutions. There are important things you should understand about these lawyers and a few things you should know about personal injury cases. The following are four of the most important things to know.

There are many types of personal injuries

Anytime you are injured and there is another party to blame, you may have a case against them. Although personal injury attorneys are well known for representing clients involved in auto accidents, they will also represent you when you are hurt as a pedestrian or a bicyclist. Injuries can happen on business property that is open to the public, but sometimes an accident occurred through negligence on the part of the business. This type of incident is common in retail stores. Unsafe floors and falling merchandise are just two examples of injuries in a retail store.

There are many areas for compensation

The first form of compensation relates directly to your medical expenses, but it doesn't stop there. You may be entitled to compensation for physical therapy that you may need for many months. You are also entitled to reimbursement for missed work because of your injury. Other compensation can be given due to pain and suffering. An attorney can explain how much you may be entitled to based upon your specific circumstances.

Your settlement money is not taxable

Whether you settle out of court or your attorney wins a judgment at the trial, the money you receive for compensation is not taxable. However, on occasion, you may be awarded punitive damages by a judge. This money is considered separate from compensation due to an accident, and it is usually taxable; however, this type of compensation to an accident victim is the exception and not the rule.

Money is not an obstacle to hiring an attorney

Unlike other attorneys, a personal injury attorney works on a contingency basis. Their fees are contingent upon winning your case in court or negotiating an out of court settlement. If you don't get compensation, they don't receive any payment, you won't be billed. This gives poor people and those with few assets access to an attorney. In addition, because they work on a contingency fee, they often offer free consultations. You can sit down with a lawyer, and he or she can explore the possibilities of compensation with you.

As you can see, there are no roadblocks to hiring an attorney. And because there are so many different ways you could have been injured through no fault of your own, you need to find out if you have a case, and what forms of compensation you may be entitled to.

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