Types Of Family Law Cases Handled By Family Law Attorneys

2 March 2023
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Most people believe family law attorneys only handle divorce cases. While it's true that family lawyers deal with divorce and separation cases, the lawyers can handle other family-related cases. Here are three common cases a family law attorney can handle. 

Divorce and Separation Cases

If you're going through a nasty divorce or separation, hire a family law attorney to help you through the legal process. Most divorce cases get messy when emotions between spouses get in the way of logic and reasoning. If this sounds like your current situation, your family law attorney can be the clear-headed mind to handle your case.

Your lawyer can make an offer to the other party to settle the divorce out of court. The attorney can also help you negotiate on matters such as 

  • Alimony
  • Retention of the marital home
  • Dividing assets
  • Paying off the marriage debts

The attorney can also liaise with the other spouse's attorney and use collaborative law to help you avoid trial. 

Paternity and Child Custody Cases

After a divorce or separation, you'll want to file for joint or partial custody of the children. Your ex-partner may also want to parent the children freely. Therefore, you'll need a family law attorney to help create a working structure to co-parent peacefully.

If you need to file a motion for full custody of the child, you must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the other spouse cannot honor their parenting obligations. Your family lawyer can help you collect evidence, present it in court, and push for a win.

They can also help you file a case to prove or disapprove the paternity of a child in question. Such cases are technical, stressful, and time-sensitive, so you need an experienced lawyer to handle the legal details.

Adoption and Guardianship Cases

You must go through several legal processes if you need to adopt a child or have legal guardianship over a non-biological child. A lawyer can help you find a credible adoption agency and file all the legal documents needed. A family law attorney can also represent you in court if any legal issues arise during adoption.

Additionally, they can help you get guardianship over non-biological children or adults with developmental problems or sicknesses like dementia.

If your child is in foster care and you want them back, a family law attorney can help you. However, you have to prove that you can raise the child. The lawyer will work with social workers, child protection officers, and counselors to collect evidence of your parenting abilities. 

Contact a local family law attorney to learn more.