A DWI Charge Might Indicate Drinking Problem - If You Need Help, Get Help

19 January 2015
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If you have faced a driving while under the influence charge in your life, the court system has surely presented you with the cold hard facts about the ramifications of a repeat offense. You may truthfully have made one extremely poor decision and really have nothing to worry about.

But, if this is not the first time you have attempted to drive while you were impaired, then you may have a serious problem you need to consider more closely. How much and how often you drink is your own business. But, if you choose to try and drive after drinking, then it now becomes law enforcement's business. What are a couple signs you should think about, which may indicate you have a drinking problem?

No Intention to Drink

Have you ever made a solemn vow that you are not going to drink at a particular time, or on a certain day, only to mysteriously find yourself intoxicated? Have you ever found yourself at a function that serves alcohol, intending not to drink, but were unable to keep yourself from picking up that first alcoholic beverage?

This is one of the most glaring traits people who have a drinking problem will exhibit. You don't want to drink, but left to your own devices you still do. If you have ever drank when you didn't want to, and cannot figure how or why you did, seek help.

Drink More Than You Intended to Drink

Have you ever found yourself anxiously setting a predetermined maximum on how many drinks you are going to have? While this might be a good idea to help avoid the consequences of driving intoxicated, it can also be a sign you may need to address a drinking problem.

Non-problem drinkers do not regularly need to set limits for themselves to avoid drinking too much. They have an inherent stopgap mechanism that knows when they have had too many. Normal drinkers have no problem knowing their limitations when it comes to consuming alcohol.

If you find yourself trying to rigidly control your drinking habits by saying to yourself, "this many and no more," then you owe it to yourself to find out if you have a problem with alcohol. 

Yet another bad sign when attempting to set a limit on your drinking is if you frequently exceed a self-imposed limit. If you frequently think about an evening of partying, and are puzzled by how you could have let yourself drink so much more than you intended, do yourself a favor and seek some outside help.

Get Help

If you have been charged with driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated, you have already exhibited one potentially serious problem. You have shown poor judgment in determining what is a safe amount of alcohol to consume before you try and drive a car.

Your first DWI offense will present you with a number of legal challenges to overcome, but can also give you a chance to find out if you have a problem. If you're a potentially serious problem drinker, that first DWI may be a blessing in disguise. Contact a DWI attorney, such as one from Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C., for further help.

If you still feel that your drinking is your own business, then that is your right. But, finding out you have a drinking problem after it's too late, may bring consequences in your life that you will not wish to deal with. If you even think you need help, find help. It is out there.