Announcing A Viable Alternative To Divorce For Modern Couples

29 January 2015
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Staying married is not easy to do. About half of all marriages will end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. These numbers are not encouraging.

What some people do not know is there are alternatives. One thing couples can do is legally separate. This type of breakup has advantages. Here are three of the top benefits couples can enjoy by legally separating rather than divorcing.

  • The Legally Separated Can File a Joint Tax Return

A marriage is a contract. Many forget this reality. When people divorce, they end the contract between them. They can no longer file joint tax returns, for example. Once a divorce is final, people cannot claim the exemptions afforded married couples.

Tax laws hit single filers rather hard. Moreover, if there are kids involved, the one without custody may not be able to claim them on a tax return.

Remaining together under the eyes of the law helps couples avoid these problems. A legal separation means the couple can live apart, yet still receive everything given to married persons. The financial advantages of taxes are a primary reason some choose to stay married.

  • The Legally Separated Can Remain in the Same House

Deciding who gets the house is one of the more difficult challenges when settling a divorce. Nobody wants to give up a prized home. Having to relocate is an added burden compounded to losing a spouse and children.

A legally separated couple can often remain in the same house. True, the domicile needs to be large enough for the two. Who wants to run into their former lover on a continual basis? Yet, a separation arrangement can provide for shared residence.

  • The Legally Separated Can Keep Their Business

Couples that have created a business may need to split it up during divorce proceedings. The costs can ruin the enterprise. Another alternative is to remain legally separated and keep the business as a joint concern.

  • The Legally Separated Can Save Divorce For Later

Last, a legal separation is a choice open to those who think there is a chance of salvaging the relationship. This option allows a distance that can be as large or small as needed. In contrast, a divorce is a final solution.

Getting Help

When contemplating separation, couples might want to consult with a family lawyer. Doing so is wise because the laws change frequently. For more information, contact Lois Iannone Attorney at Law or a similar firm.