What To Know About Compensation From A Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

22 April 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you have been sexually harassed at the workplace, you are likely eligible for compensation since sexual harassment is illegal. However, many of those who are sexually harassed at work don't believe that a lawsuit is worth it because the compensation will be little to nothing. This is not the case though. Here's what you should know about compensation from a sexual harassment lawsuit, which is going to help you better understand the importance of filing a lawsuit:

You Receive Back Pay:

Back pay is when you are compensated for loss of wages, a raise, sick pay, and more if you were denied these things because of any sexual harassment you have endured. An employer may not approve you for a raise or may even fire you because of your complaints about sexual harassment, so in this situation, you will be compensated. 

You Receive Front Pay:

Front pay is the compensation you receive if you have lost your job because of the sexual harassment complaint you have made. Most of the time, the judge will attempt to get your job back. However, this is sometimes not possible because of the fact that you and your employer are too hostile towards each other because of the lawsuit or because the position you were in is no longer available to be filled. In this situation, you are compensated for loss of wages in the past and the future. The future wage loss is calculated based on your age and the time the judge believes it will take for you to find a new job.

You Receive Punitive Damage Compensation:

Punitive damages are available to you as a way to compensate you for emotional distress you have endured, as well as for any medical expenses you had to pay for that were a direct result of the sexual harassment. This is also a type of compensation that the judge provides as a way to punish the employer for allowing sexual harassment to take place. 

You Receive Compensation for Attorney Fees:

Hiring a sexual harassment attorney is a must when you are dealing with a sexual harassment lawsuit. This is because your attorney will gather proper evidence to prove your case and ensure that you are properly compensated. Many people don't hire an attorney because they believe that it is too expensive. However, when you hire an attorney, the chances of wining your case is higher and you are always compensated for the expense you put into hiring an attorney when you win your case. 

When you know what to expect for compensation in a sexual harassment lawsuit, you can see why filing can be well worth it in the end.