How A Lawyer Can Help You Get Joint Child Custody

20 July 2016
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Were you only granted visitation rights with your child when your marriage ended, due to being an alcoholic? If you are now ready to prove to a judge that you deserve joint custody of your child, you might want to hire a lawyer. Getting joint custody can be a difficult task without the right kind of evidence. This article will give you a better understanding of how a lawyer can assist with your custody case.

Learn Why You Were Only Granted Visitation Rights

The lawyer will ask you questions in regards to why you were only granted visitation rights during the divorce. It is important for you to be honest about any faults that you had at the time, as it will help the lawyer figure out how to build your case. For instance, being that you were an alcoholic, you can explain to the lawyer how you worked to overcome the addiction. The lawyer might also ask how your relationship with your child was during the time that you were married. If alcohol abuse interfered with how you interacted with your child, you might be asked if you took any parenting classes to improve.

Gather Evidence to Prove You Are a Fit Parent

The most significant evidence in your case would be to prove that you are no longer an alcoholic. The lawyer will need you to provide documents showing that you went to a rehabilitation center if it is how you overcame the addiction. If you took parenting classes, anger management or received any other professional treatment, make sure you give the layer proof. The lawyer might also speak to a few people about your overall character and the improvements that they see. Character witnesses can speak in your favor and make the case stronger.

Try to Settle the Case in a Cordial Manner

The lawyer will try to settle the custody dispute in a cordial way for the sake of your child. He or she will first attempt to settle the dispute out of court by trying to get the other party to agree with you getting joint custody. If the other party is cooperative, the case can be handled through mediation. If mediation does not turn out well, the lawyer will argue your case in front of a judge. Get in touch with a lawyer so he or she can help you get joint custody of your child.

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