Internet Appeal: Why It's Not A Good Idea To Do It

27 July 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog

If the Social Security Administration, or SSA, denies your initial disability application, you have the option of appealing the decision online. Although the Internet Appeal application may seem like the best option for you, it may not be. If you don't have the evidence, documents and other pertinent information to back up your disability claim, the SSA can potentially deny you again. In this case, you'll need to appeal the denial a third time, which might place a great deal of stress on you and your health. Here's why it's not a good idea to appeal your denial online and what you can do instead.

Why Shouldn't You Appeal Online?

The online appeal application can take up to an hour to complete. If your disability limits your ability to type, sit or maintain focus for any amount of time, the application process can be both stressful and painful for you. Even if you manage to get through the application, it might hurt your claim. If you can complete an application that requires you to sit, type and focus for an extended amount of time, the SSA may deny your claim on false pretenses.

In addition, you'll need access to all of your medical documentation and any accompanying evidence to submit with an Internet Appeal application. If you don't have copies of your medical files on hand, you'll need to contact your doctors and request them. It may take you longer to obtain the information than you expect, which might make you miss the appeal deadline assigned to your case, which is typically 60 days from the receipt of your denial application.

One of the best ways to appeal your denied claim is to speak to a professional attorney.

What Should You Do Instead?

A Social Security attorney will generally request your medical files for you. They may do so with legal forms that require doctors to act quickly. An attorney may also complete your application by asking you questions and recording your answers, which may reduce the time needed to sit and focus. 

Once they complete the appeal application, a lawyer will submit the forms for you. Submitting your through the online appeal site may take longer to reach the SSA. An attorney will discuss what you may expect after they submit your appeal claim in greater detail during your meeting.

For more information about your appeal, contact Gieg Law Offices or a similar firm.