How A Lawyer Can Help You When You're Struggling To Live On Workers Comp

5 January 2017
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If you have been injured while at work, you might currently be receiving workers comp payments to help you cover your bills and otherwise take care of yourself until you are able to go back to work. Even though having workers comp payments is better than nothing when you are unable to work, however, it might not be enough for you to live off of. If this is the case, working with a lawyer can help helpful. These are a few ways that an attorney can help you when you're struggling to live on workers comp.

Determine if You Qualify for Disability

Depending on a few factors -- such as the type of injury that you are dealing with, how serious your injury is, how much you are receiving in workers comp payments and a few other things -- there is a chance that you might be able to get short-term disability payments in the meantime. This can be a complicated system to deal with, however, so it's probably not something that you will want to work on by yourself. Instead, working with an attorney who has experience in helping people with this type of paperwork can help you determine if this is an option for you and can help you get the ball rolling on it if it is.

Get Your Case Moving More Quickly

In some cases, workers compensation insurance companies seem to "stall" and try to drag cases out for as long as possible, particularly if they are going to have to pay out a higher sum. It can be challenging to do anything about this, especially if you do not have any experience with the "system" yourself and if you are trying to recover from an injury, but an attorney knows the tricks that these insurance companies use and can fight back to help ensure that your case is being handled promptly.

Help You Qualify for a Loan

There are companies out there that actually offer loans for people who are supposed to be getting settlements after workplace injuries. To qualify for one of these, having paperwork from your attorney that states that you are in the middle of an active case can be helpful. These loans can come with high rates and fees, but they can be incredibly helpful if you are having a hard time getting by in the meantime.

Living off of workers compensation can be difficult or impossible. Luckily, an attorney can help you out with this, so consider looking for an attorney who specializes in workers compensation for assistance.

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