Who Is Liable If A Building Collapses And Causes You Injury?

24 October 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you are hurt by a collapsed building that is still under construction, do you blame the contractor or owner of the building? The truth is that such injuries can be caused by many people so you shouldn't automatically assume that one party or the other is responsible for it. Here are four examples of people who may be liable for such an injury, depending on the circumstances:

The Property Owner

The owner of the property being developed may or may not be responsible for your injuries depending on how involved they are with the project. The more the owner has been involved in the day-to-day running of the construction, the more they are likely to be found liable for any mishap. For example, if the owner has been directing the contractor on how to construct the safety barrier or avoid injuries, then they may be held liable for the injuries.

The General Contractor

The general contractor is responsible for everything that happens on the construction site. For example, the general contractor is responsible for providing the materials used on the site, the equipment for doing the work and even the labor to handle the work. This is why, in most cases, the general contractor will be found liable for injuries on the worksite –sometimes in addition to other liable parties.

The Subcontractor

The subcontractor only becomes liable for your injuries if it is caused by something that was directly under the control of the subcontractor. For example, if you are injured by an electrical malfunction, then the subcontractor who was handling the electrical installation is likely to be responsible for your injuries. In some cases, the general contractor will also be partially liable for such an injury, especially if they used an incompetent subcontractor.

The Architect

Lastly, the architect who designed the building's plans may also be responsible for your injuries. As you would expect, the architect only becomes liable for injuries stemming from the poor design of the building assuming the contractor followed the architect's plans to the letter. For example, if a hand railing for the stairs is installed at an improper height, and it was installed according to the architect's plan, then the architect becomes liable for the injuries caused by the railing's defect.

You can handle this accident just as any other form of accident. seek medical care, preserve the evidence and get witnesses' contacts and then consult a personal injury law office like Velde Moore Limited to help you process the claim.