Three Potential License Plate-Related Infractions That Could Cost You A Ticket

30 August 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Issues with your vehicle's license plate may seem like no big deal to you, but the local police force doesn't share this sentiment. It's possible to be pulled over for a license plate infraction and handed a ticket, even if you weren't aware that you'd done anything wrong. If you wish to fight the ticket for whatever reason, hiring an attorney who specializes in traffic law will improve your situation. The attorney can look at the evidence against you and try to build a case that will get your ticket dismissed. Here are three license plate-related infractions that you could get.

No Front License Plate

Some states require all drivers to have a front license plate on their vehicle, while others accept only one on the back. There are motorists who intentionally break this rule because they don't want a plate on the front. For example, someone with a sports car may not actually have a license plate mounting area on the front of the vehicle, and may understandably not want to affect the sleek appearance of the vehicle by bolting a plate to the front. Or, if you've moved from one state to another, you may not have been aware of your state's laws concerning front license plates.

Damage To The Plate

It's possible for your license plate to get damaged in a number of ways. One issue that many motorists face is facing. If there was a defect when your license plate was produced, its markings could fade and perhaps even come off. You may look at the plate and shrug it off, because you technically have a license plate on your vehicle. However, if a passing police officer cannot read the plate at a distance, you may end up getting a ticket. Often, you'll get a warning to replace the plate — and if you ignore it, a ticket will follow.

Plate Is Obstructed

You may have intentionally obstructed your vehicle's license plate without ever thinking that doing so could result in a ticket. Many automotive stores sell license plate covers that can not only protect the plate, but also give it a sleek appearance on your vehicle. The problem is that these covers can sometimes be tinted, and thus make it difficult for a police officer to see the plate. You could end up with a ticket for having an obstructed plate because of the use of a license plate cover.