4 Reasons Why You Need A Court Reporter For An Employee Dispute Hearing

9 November 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

When an employee complaint is backed by a serious allegation, you must take the matter seriously. After all, employees have the right to work in environments in which they are treated fairly and feel safe. A dispute hearing is an excellent way to ensure their concerns are heard in a safe and neutral environment. However, there are certain precautions you should make to protect your interests, such as hiring a court reporter to transcribe the meeting. Learn why a transcriber becomes a valuable asset in this instance.  

1. Company Transparency

A court reporter can bring a level of transparency to the hearing process. A court reporter creates a legal trail of the encounter between your company and the employee. So, everything that is mentioned during the meeting will be within the record for later review at any time. By hiring a court reporter, you are making an open statement that you are serious about getting to the bottom of the matter.

2. Further Legal Action

Sometimes a dispute hearing is enough to settle an issue with an employee. However, there are times when further legal action is required on the part of the employee or even the employer. In the event the matter goes this route, a court reporter will provide you with a great piece of evidence in the form of a word-for-word translation of the employee's statements during the hearing. Any false claims made by the individual can be refuted with information in the transcript.

3. Employee Support

Often time, an issue with an employee is a simple misunderstanding. Hiring a court reporter is an excellent way to show an employee that you do care about their concerns, and that you are taking precautions to protect their interest as well. The presence of a court reporter lets an employee know you believe the matter is serious and you are prepared to listen and follow through with their concerns. 

4. Immediate Translation

Unlike some transcriber options, a court reporter offers the luxury of instant translation. You do not have to wait for someone in a remote location to listen or watch a recording of the hearing, transcribe the hearing, and then provide you with a record to download days later. The report from a court reporter is often available right away. 

The above represent just some of the ways that court reporting services can be helpful during an employee dispute hearing. These professionals can help in many other ways. Contact a service, like Farrell Court Reporting, for more information.