Wrongfully Blamed For A Collision? What To Know

22 December 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Did a vehicle unexpectedly switch to your lane and start traveling at a low speed? Did the incident lead to you collide with the vehicle due to the inability to slow down in time? If you were blamed for the collision but don't feel as though it is your fault, you might be correct even if the accident report isn't in your favor. You should not have to accept the blame simply because you rear-ended another vehicle, as there are numerous things that could have played a role in the situation. Continue reading this article to learn how hiring a car accident lawyer can be helpful for proving you case against the other party.

Investigating the Other Party

One action that a lawyer will take is to investigate the other party to find out why he or she was driving in such a strange manner. For instance, the lawyer will find out if the other party was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he or she pulled in front of your vehicle and drove slowly. A lawyer can perform an investigation to find out if the other party was drinking at a bar or some other place shortly before the collision took place. He or she will also find out if the other party has an addiction and has been involved in similar incidents in the past. What is found during the investigation can play a big role in proving your case.

Considering the Road Type & Speed Limit

Although it isn't illegal to drive at a slow speed, it is when the speed is below a specific minimum. The reason why is because driving too slowly can lead to car accidents, especially on certain types of roads. For instance, if the collision happened on a highway, it will likely be easy to prove why you collided with the other party when he or she pulled in front of you driving slowly. Your lawyer will investigate the speed limits on the road you were on, including the maximum and minimum speed limits.

Accessing Surveillance Camera Footage

Another step that a lawyer might take is accessing any surveillance cameras that may have captured the collision. He or she will basically contact business establishments or homeowners that are near the scene of the collision to ask if they have surveillance cameras. Video surveillance footage can be strong evidence in regards to proving your case in court.

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