Deal With Your Divorce And A Deliberate Attempt To Keep Your Children Away From You

21 November 2019
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Depression may set in while dealing with a pending divorce. Imagine the problem being compounded by being denied access to your children. If your spouse was spending time with your children at his new home and failed to return them to you, there are a series of actions that you can complete to assist with reunification.

Don't Harbor Feelings Of Doubt Or Blame

If you have been caught completely off guard and are usually the type of person who places trust in others, the realization of what you are facing can have serious impacts on your mental health. You may already be beginning to doubt your strength or blame yourself for the entire ordeal that you have encountered. You cannot go back in time and fix things, but you can resolve this issue by following standard family law procedures.

When there are two living parents and no formal custody agreement, each party has equal access to the children. The only way for you to legally obtain custody of your children is by filing a petition through court. Seek legal advice, and do not neglect yourself during this trying time. If you are having difficulty thinking clearly or if you are grieving so much that it is affecting your livelihood, ask your lawyer if they will recommend a family counselor who specializes in traumatic situations like yours.

It can be therapeutic to have someone to speak to, who is not directly tied to your custody issue or divorce proceedings. You may find comfort in knowing that the tactic that your spouse used is more common than you thought. Even though your children aren't with you at the moment, there is no reason why they will not be returned to you, as long as you are able to adequately care for them and haven't done anything to hurt them mentally or physically.

Be Straightforward About Your Wishes And Put On A Brave Front

Your lawyer may request an emergency hearing to address the custody of your children. After they are returned to you, concentrate on the desired outcome of the divorce. You are going to need to decide how you would like visitation to be handled. If your lawyer is able to prove that your spouse is unstable and that he was maliciously trying to hurt you by taking your children away, a judge may order supervised visitation sessions.

It will take time to finalize your divorce. For now, try to be strong. This means being honest and brave whenever you face your spouse in the court room. Remember that your children are depending on you and focus on the fact that you are going through all of this for them. 

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