5 Reasons to Declare Bankruptcy Before Popping the Question

21 September 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

Are you considering popping the question? Getting married is a big step, and it often requires some preparation for this big life change. If you've struggled with debt, you do well to consider adding one task to your 'to do' list before getting engaged. What is this? Seeking permanent debt relief through bankruptcy. Why might now be the right time to file for bankruptcy protection? Here are five of the most important reasons. 

1. Get a Fresh Start. A new marriage is a new beginning, and it deserves to be a complete restart of your life. By permanently handling your debt load from your past, you put it in the past so you can move forward without that additional baggage. 

2. You Avoid Entanglements. Personal bankruptcy is an individual matter, so your new spouse wouldn't necessarily be involved directly. However, they can become entangled indirectly. If you plan to get any loans together, your credit history will drag down the household. Your partner's income or assets could be targeted erroneously by creditors. And joint refunds could be seized for old tax debts. The best way to keep your new spouse safe is to rid yourself of problematic debts. 

3. You're Still an Individual Household. If you will select Chapter 13 bankruptcy — a payment plan — your payments are based on your income, debt load, and household expenses. Before entering into a two-income household, you may find it beneficial to work out a payment plan as a single individual household. 

4. Avoid Money Conflicts. Money is the cause of a significant portion of family discord and arguments. When one individual comes into the marriage burdened by past debt, this only increases the likelihood that bad feelings will ensue. It could come from the overloaded spouse or the one who doesn't share the same struggle. Either way, minimize potential trouble in your new marriage by minimizing financial issues. 

5. You Prove You're Ready. When you deal with your past financial troubles with maturity and permanence, you show your future spouse that you're ready to join with them as a family. Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy isn't actually an "easy way out" but rather a thoughtful and long-term solution. Proactively managing it demonstrates that you're serious about building a good foundation for your marriage. 

Which of these perks of bankruptcy before marriage would bring the most relief? Whether you want a fresh start or to avoid financial difficulties as you begin this new chapter, now might be the right time to take the plunge by declaring bankruptcy. Learn more by meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer in your state today.