Semi-Truck Accidents: How Do You Fight For Compensation?

20 October 2020
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If you're injured in a semi-truck accident, you may wish to file a claim with the driver's insurance company right away. But if the driver has many insurers, you may not know exactly how or where to file an accident claim. You can file a personal injury claim with the right party by having a semi-truck accident lawyer assist you. The information below can help you understand more about your situation and how to handle it properly.

How Can Multiple Insurance Companies Affect You?

Truckers and commercial trucking companies generally obtain different types of insurance policies for their vehicles. The policies cover a number of things, including the driver, the truck, and the cargo. When long haulers or truckers get into accidents on the road, it can financially and physically devastate their victims. The victims may not know who or where to file a claim for compensation.

Victims generally have a limited time (statute of limitations) to file accident claims. For example, the state of California allows you one to two years after an accident to file a personal injury claim. If you miss the statute of limitations set by your state, you may not have an opportunity to file later. 

If you want to improve your chances of filing a claim with the right insurance company, consult an attorney about your accident right away.

How Can a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney Guide You?

A semi-truck accident attorney can help you file a claim with the right insurance company by investigating your accident. The investigation can reveal why the accident occurred in the first place. 

The first thing a truck accident attorney may do is investigate the condition of the driver, the truck, and the owner of the cargo. Any of these individuals or things can be responsible for your accident.

For instance, if the truck was damaged or improperly maintained, an attorney may file a claim with the trucker's insurance company. If the driver was impaired, asleep at the wheel, or negligent, an attorney may pursue their insurance company for compensation. If the cargo wasn't properly secured or loaded on the truck, a lawyer may file a claim with the cargo's owner.

It may be necessary to pursue a claim with multiple insurers during your case. A truck accident attorney will discuss your case in clearer detail when they contact you.

Don't let multiple insurance companies keep you from filing an accident claim. Contact a company like the Law Office of Troy B. Jones to learn more.