Legal Defense Strategies For Those Facing Deportation

17 November 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

Deportation is a serious matter of citizenship. If you're facing possible deportation because you didn't follow the right protocol for gaining citizenship, you still have options. These defense strategies can help you stop deportation, with the assistance of a family immigration lawyer.

Seek a Green Card

If you don't have a green card and are facing possible deportation, you may worry about the final verdict. In this situation, the best way to legally respond is to seek a green card. It's like a bargaining chip that you can use to avoid deportation and actually become a full-time citizen in the particular country that you're staying.

You'll need to get your application in for this green card immediately, which a family immigration lawyer can help you with. They'll ensure that you take the right steps for gaining this green card and then help you manage the rest of the steps required to become a citizen.

Adjust Status

If you meet certain criteria, then you may be able to get your deportation status changed so that you don't have to leave the country unwilling. Some cases may apply to spouses, children, or widows of a U.S. citizen.

If you believe adjusting your status is appropriate for the deportation situation that you're in, quickly hire an immigration attorney that can put the adjustment in motion. They'll fill out forms and talk to the right agencies. Then if all goes well, you may be able to get in front of an immigration judge and plead your case.

Consider Registry

If you've been in a certain country for many decades, then you may be able to use these years to your advantage to avoid deportation. This is known as registry, and it's an effective form of preventing deportation.

Look up to see how many years you have to reside in the country that you're staying in before you can become a legal citizen. You also need to make sure you haven't gotten into trouble with the law.

If you've upheld the law and don't have any marks against your record, talk to an immigration attorney about the possibility of registry. They'll take you through the steps if you're a good candidate.

Many people are faced with the possibility of deportation every single day. If you believe your deportation is unjust and you want to rectify this situation, take your time figuring out what the best responses are. Attorneys can help if you need guidance one way or another.