When Can You Sue a Grocery Store for Getting Hurt?

20 May 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you've been injured as a result of your trip to a grocery store, you have the right to recover just like you would for any other injury. But when exactly would the grocery store be liable and what are the types of injuries you might have? Here are some common claims against grocery stores.

Parking Lot Crash Injuries

As a general rule, only the drivers are responsible for injuries as a result of car accidents in the parking lot. However, there are circumstances where the grocery store may be liable. If there is a safety condition such as poor lighting, a blind corner, or regular issues with drivers speeding, the grocery store may be responsible for making safety improvements.

Safety improvements could be stop signs, speed bumps, or better lighting. If a parking lot crash happens because a grocery store fails to take these or similar types of measures, you also have the right to compensation from the grocery store. The driver and grocery store will be jointly liable for your injuries and car damage. While suing the grocery store won't get you extra money, it can help in situations where the driver is uninsured and has no assets.

Incidents in Front of Other Stores

When a grocery store is in a large plaza, it's often the case that the grocery store owns the entire plaza and rents space to the other stores. This could make the grocery store liable for other injuries that happen on the plaza even if it happened in front of another store.

A common example is a slip and fall on a sidewalk or in the parking lot. The grocery store may be responsible for maintaining the entire area as the owner.

Slip and Falls

One of the most common lawsuits inside a grocery store is a slip and fall accident. Grocery stores almost always use tile for easy cleaning, but they need easy cleaning because they frequently have spills. Even their efforts to clean up, like mopping, can create a slipping hazard.

If you slip and fall on a wet or slippery floor, it's often the case that the store is liable for not keeping the floor in a safe condition. Even if they put up warning signs, you may be able to sue if the signs didn't give adequate warning of the possible danger.

To learn more about suing a grocery store, contact a local personal injury lawyer today.