What To Expect When Choosing A Supreme Court Printing Company

7 February 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you need to file documents with the Supreme Court, whether it be a first filing or an appeal, it's important to ensure that all your documents are correctly formatted and presented in the proper manner to be accepted.

The Supreme Court has very specific rules and regulations regarding filings and how they should look, and if you have never filed any documents with the supreme court before, you could run the risk of your petitions or briefs being rejected.

Instead, you should look for a professional supreme court printing company that has experience and knowledge of how these filings should be formatted. Here are some things you should expect from a supreme court printing company.

They Review Documents For Compliance Issues

The supreme court has very specific rules regarding how petitions or motions are to be filed. If you make a mistake in your printing, your files could be rejected. When you use a supreme court printing company, they will review your petitions or briefs for any and all compliance issues.

They will review the rules and go over them with you if you like, so you better understand what needs to be changed or altered before filing. They will ensure all the typeset are in the correct fonts and the correct font size with the proper margins.

They will also typeset your brief cover, and print and bind your document while adhering to the rules set out by the supreme court.

Create Any Other Documents As Needed

When you hire a supreme court printing company to help you file your petitions or briefs, they will also work with you to create any other documents you might need to go along with your official filings. This can include a cover letter to the court explaining what you are filing for and why. It can include any affidavits that might need to be included with your filing, and they can ensure they are properly formatted.

They can also provide a word count certificate to both yourself and to send to the supreme court. If you require service copies of each document, they can provide as many copies as you need and distribute them however you choose.

They Can Send The Documents For You

If you need your filings or briefings to reach the supreme court quickly, you may find that many supreme court printing companies offer a reliable and fast courier service to get your documents where they need to go quickly.

This is usually sent via first-class, certified mail to ensure the documents are safe and secure and will get to their destination on time.

Contact Supreme Court printing services near you to learn more.