Arguments The Insurance Company May Use To Discourage You From Pursuing Your Vehicle Injury Claim

20 April 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

When you sustain severe injuries in a collision, your top priority might be recovering and getting on with your life. Because of that, you'll want the insurance company to approve your claim quickly so you can focus on your recovery. Unfortunately, the insurer can fail to offer you a fair settlement or delay the process. You may want to hire a car accident lawyer to fight for you when this happens. Your attorney will counter the arguments the insurer might bring about to deny you compensation. These arguments include the following. 

That You Never Reported Your injury

The insurer knows that medical payments will constitute a huge percentage of your compensation. Therefore, they may look for evidence showing that you're faking or exaggerating your injuries. For example, telling the investigators that the accident didn't cause you pain could mean that you don't deserve compensation.

Remember that you may feel unhurt right after the accident, only for the injuries to surface later. For this reason, you should report your injuries after receiving a medical examination from your doctor. It's advisable to undergo the examination immediately after encountering the incident. Waiting too long could cause the insurance company to question whether the injuries are actually due to the accident. 

That You Never Tried to Prevent the Collision

A determination that you played a part in the accident can reduce your settlement by a certain percentage. Therefore, the insurance firm may raise different arguments to try and shift the blame to you. For example, they might claim that you foresaw the accident but failed to prevent it from happening. The intervention of your car accident attorney can be necessary at this point. They will fight this allegation, ensuring that the insurer does not falsely accuse you of a crime you never committed.

In such a scenario, your lawyer can refer to a variety of evidence, such as video or eyewitnesses to show that you tried to avoid the collision, but the oncoming car still hit you. The evidence can absolve you of blame, ensuring that the insurance company needs to pay out according to your policy.

The insurer can use the arguments above to portray you as the guilty party. Luckily, your car accident lawyer will help you fight the allegations and prove that you suffered an injustice that deserves compensation. They will provide evidence linking the wrongdoer to the accident, and that way, you'll receive compensation for your injuries and other losses.