Collaborative Divorce And Why You Should Choose It When Dissolving Your Marriage

4 January 2023
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Many people who choose do-it-yourself divorces end up regretting their decision. This is because they end up opting for divorce types that take too long to settle and cost more than expected. With this in mind, working with an attorney when dissolving your marriage is the best way to avoid this mistake. Note that they can help you choose the type of divorce that is less stressful and more affordable. For instance, they can suggest that you choose a collaborative divorce because it takes less time to settle. Keep reading to learn about this type of divorce and why you should choose it when dissolving your marriage. 

What You Need to Know About Collaborative Divorce

The law provides several dispute-resolution options for family matters. It also gives people who plan to dissolve their marriage the freedom to choose the divorce type that will work best with their situation. As such, you should use this privilege to select a type of marriage dissolution that will take the least amount of time and resources possible. For instance, you can choose a collaborative divorce if you want to end the process quickly and focus on other issues. 

Note that when you select this type of divorce, your lawyer will organize a meeting to discuss essential details. For instance, they will want you and your partner to agree that you will not engage in formal discovery and will voluntarily disclose information. Your family law attorney will also ask you to commit to resolving your issues out of court. After that, your attorney and the other party's legal advisor will discuss and agree on divorce matters. However, if the lawyers cannot settle the case, you may have a right to litigate the case. In addition, the lawyers will stop representing you so that you can start over with a new counsel.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Collaborative Divorce

One of the reasons why you should consider a collaborative divorce is that it will minimize disagreements during the marriage dissolution process. Ultimately, this will give you a flawless process and quicker marriage dissolution. Moreover, it will ensure a good relationship with your partner even after divorce. In addition, it will reduce the impact the divorce may have on your children and other family members. Besides, it will also keep the cost down because your lawyer will not have to gather evidence to support your case.

If you were wondering which type of divorce to choose when ending your marriage, you have several reasons to choose collaborative divorce. So, contact a divorce lawyer to discuss your case and learn more about this divorce type.