Six Problems Landlords Can Avoid With The Help Of An Eviction Attorney

27 January 2023
 Categories: Law, Blog

Landlords should have an eviction attorney on their side. Eventually, most landlords find themselves in the position of needing to evict tenants who are no longer keeping up with their rent payments. Eviction attorneys can assist tenants with a variety of different problems that can result from this situation.

The following are six problems landlords can avoid with the help of an eviction attorney. 

Being unable to get rid of a tenant who is not paying rent

If your tenant isn't keeping up with rent payments, you're not going to make as much money as you should off the properties you own. An eviction attorney can help you get rid of a tenant who is no longer paying. 

Failing to properly notify a tenant of an impending eviction

As a landlord, you have some important responsibilities that you need to address when you decide that it's time to evict a tenant. You need to notify the tenant with an eviction notice that contains all the necessary information.

An eviction attorney can help you to make sure that you are meeting legal requirements when evicting a tenant so that you don't leave yourself open to lawsuits and other repercussions. 

Having unpleasant and potentially confrontational interactions with a tenant

It's definitely unpleasant to have to discuss outstanding rent payments with a tenant who you are thinking about evicting. Fortunately, an eviction attorney may be able to handle a lot of this communication for you. This allows you to avoid unpleasant and potentially confrontational interactions. 

Negotiating with tenants

In some cases, it might be possible to negotiate with your tenants to develop a plan through which they can get current with their rent payments. In this case, you can avoid having to evict your tenant.

An eviction attorney can help with negotiations by representing your interests when discussing the situation with your tenant. Eviction attorneys have extensive experience with negotiating on behalf of landlord clients, so their negotiation skills could be very valuable to you. 

Facing a lawsuit

Landlords can sometimes face lawsuits over evictions or their tenant screening practices. If you face a lawsuit, you need to have an eviction attorney available to provide you with professional expertise when you defend yourself. 

Needing to pursue a tenant in court to pay for damages

In some cases, landlords need to both evict problem tenants and pursue them for damages to their property. An eviction attorney can help you to pursue your past tenant in court so that you can get repair needs paid for that result from damages caused by your tenant.